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"Great pictures are all about luck. And anyone can take a great picture. But very few people can put together a great collection of pictures. It is incredibly difficult to put these fragments together in a meaningful way. And this is my goal. Along the way, of course, I hope to make great individual images. But the art, for me, is in the collection and interplay of images."- Alec Soth

My dad carried around his Olympus OM-1 everywhere my family went. He slowly let me use it more and more, while teaching me about the different buttons and dials, until I was using it more often than he was. I still remember being in awe when I learned what macro meant and ran for the flowers in my front yard. In high school and a bit in college, I studied 35mm film photography and spent many days and nights focusing an enlarger in the darkroom and hanging my prints from clotheslines to dry. It wasn't until I started working for the Minnesota Daily, that I began to transition to digital. Since then, I have traveled around the world with my camera at my side. I believe that people of all ages can be greatly empowered to create change in their communities and in the world if they are taught how to use photography, videography, and technology to share their experiences and connect with others.

Contact Me page has been removed due to spam. Feel free to contact me through most social media at "jasonckopp".