Santa Cruz, CA through a 200-500mm Lens

I rented a lens for the weekend, a 200-500mm f/5.6, because Kate booked a whale watching trip for us. We got down to Moss Landing at 8:30am and then received a text that the trip was cancelled due to high winds… We were disappointed but also grateful that Blue Ocean takes safety so seriously.

Instead of whale watching, we spent the day exploring in Moss Landing and Santa Cruz. Immediately after receiving that text, we walked down to the beach and saw whales right off the shore. They swam away quick but it was still magical. Throughout the day we saw a variety of birds, flowers, waves, and surfers making the best out of some not-so-great waves. All in all, a great day and it was fun playing around with a super long telephoto lens. Haven’t done that in years and I learned I definitely need more practice.

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