• Apple Camera Engineer
    • Develop, execute, and analyze subjective and objective image quality tests of early camera hardware prototypes and software features in controlled labs and real-world environments
    • Create reports and deliver executive level presentations of results to software, firmware, and hardware counterparts throughout the entire development cycle
    • Build and maintain Python, AppleScript, Expect, Bash, and ISP scripts to help automate testing and report building; dramatically increasing my team's productivity
    • Create and document team and lab processes to streamline on-boarding of new hires and interns
    • Perform regression and benchmarking studies of past, present, future, and competitor devices
    • Identify, reproduce, and isolate bugs focusing on the customer impact of these new technologies
    • Test impact of accessories on the camera systems
  • Photographer: weddings, events, portraits, landscapes, and nature
    • Designed and maintain an online portfolio and web-store to showcase my photography using WordPress CMS
  • Standards Program Coordinator internship at Apple HQ
    • Maintain the contents and function of internal Wiki-based collaboration systems using HTML and CSS
    • Maintain and optimize a Django-based database using Python
  • Worked in all aspects of the Apple Retail store: sales, visual merch, Genius Bar admin, business team, trainings, and mentorship
  • Created curriculum and taught photography and videography at a summer school program for kids aged 8-16 for two summers
  • High school web design teacher: awarded a “distinguished” ranking, the highest a teacher can receive, at my end-of-year evaluation
  • Lived and travelled in South Korea and Central and South America

Work History

Camera Engineer, Nov. '19 - Present
Apple, Cupertino
Photographer, Feb. '09 - Nov. '19
Freelance, Milwaukee
Sales Specialist, Oct. '14 - Nov. '19
Apple, Milwaukee
Standards Coordinator, Feb. '19 - July '19
Apple, Cupertino
Photography Teacher, Jun. '14 - Jul '15
Web Design Teacher, Jan. '14 - Jun. '15
English Teacher, Mar. '12 - Feb. '13
You & I Academy, South Korea
Research Internship, Sep. '11 - Dec. '11
Helicopter Dispatcher, May '11 - Sep. '11
TEMSCO, Juneau, Alaska
Resident Naturalist, Jun. '10 - Aug. '10


Python for Programmers
B.S., Environmental Science
Study Abroad Student, Feb. '10 - May '10

Technical Skills


"I am writing to recommend Jason Kopp as I have been a teammate at Apple Inc. for the past 3 years. I have had the pleasure of watching Jason develop his talents in creative problem solving, time management, customer focus and business acumen. Jason has worked to craft a superb customer experience for both internal and external customers at Apple.

Jason is directly responsible for increasing business awareness amongst our team and driving store engagement. He honed his communication skills while working at the business desk with me for the past year and a half. I know for a fact that his empathy, drive for results and commitment helped Apple exceed the expectations of several new business customers. Jason committed himself to ensuring each new customer was enjoying our products and resolved any technical questions via phone or email on a daily basis. This led our team to have six successful quarters leading our market in forecasted revenue, prior year revenue and customer satisfaction. Jason has also, sometimes tirelessly, worked to maintain Apple's strong brand standards through product launches and store resets over his tenure.

As a fellow member of the team, Jason is incredibly approachable, kind, and generous with his time and expertise. He frequently shares his personal passions in photography, design and web development with customers and fellow coworkers. Sharing an interest in photography myself, I know I can rely on having rich conversations with Jason discussing current techniques, best practices and new products. I have to say that his humor, good nature, approachability and decision quality has made working long nights and tough deadlines easier on myself and the team. He is a true mentor amidst our peers."

Adam Sklenar
June 5th, 2017
Apple Bayshore

"I am writing on behalf of Jason Kopp regarding his future employment and endeavors. Jason and I have worked together in Apple Retail for three years. During our time at Apple, we have become great teammates and friends. I work closely with Jason and happily vouch for his character and abilities in both professional and personal life.

Jason is a pleasure to work with because he constantly displays a positive, forward-thinking attitude. Despite the challenges our team is faced with, Jason can always be found, head down, working hard, and searching for the best solution - whether he is working with a customer, or behind the scenes. He usually becomes a quiet leader in a small team setting. Listening is a strength of his. He also has the ability to keep a group on task, staying productive, while also keeping the environment light and enjoyable.

I believe Jason is known well for his composure, change-agility, and sense of true empathy by our teammates. I often see coworkers going to Jason when they need sound, calm help or advice. That might be while an escalated customer is displeased with their experience or while something within the visual framework of our store just isn't working right.

Jason is extremely creative outside of work. He is a talented and thoughtful photographer. He has broad experience in life, having traveled abroad extensively, and teaching within a public school classroom setting. He is wise and level headed. He can be placed in nearly any situation, and thrive, because he is resourceful.

Jason has taught me to live in the moment, carefully nurture relationships and skills we truly care about, and to not dwell on aspects of our world we cannot control. He is a trusted friend, mentor, and role model. I value Jason's wide variety of expertise and know he will thrive in any opportunity he earns."

Helena Saatkamp
June 6th, 2017
Operations Lead
Apple Bayshore

"I have known Jason for about 20 years and have had the good fortune to watch him grow up and turn into a compassionate, competent, skillful, and innovative adult. Jason has a capacity for curiosity and risk taking which have led him to live oversees teaching in an entirely different culture and to tap his creative and caring skills to work in a challenging urban high school in Milwaukee. I had the opportunity to work with Jason when he was in Milwaukee Public Schools. I have never seen him shirk from responsibility or not meet any new challenge head-on. That said, he is soft spoken and thoughtful in his approach. It is truly a rare combination to have someone on your team that is both willing to do the difficult work and yet thoughtful on making choices and implementation. Without reservation, I highly recommend Jason."

Lauren Baker
June 4th, 2017
Executive Director
Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association

"Jason Kopp has worked for UW-Milwaukee for College for Kids/Teens in the past. Working with Jason was a pleasure for me as he has a great personality, willing to listen and learn, not only from colleagues but the students as well. He always arrived in a timely manner and went above and beyond to make sure the students received the correct instruction. Jason is a very creative person, who helped design and implement new curriculum to make his classes up to date and interesting. Jason's classes were also some of our most popular ones. If ever Jason wanted to teach for us again, he would be one of the top instructors and be given the privilege of picking his class time slots first. He would be a great asset to any work environment."

Cindy Ruffert
May 31, 2017
Director, College for Kids and Teens
UW-Milwaukee, School of Continuing Education

"I am very pleased to write a recommendation letter for Jason Kopp.

Jason assumed a long-term teaching assignment at Bradley Tech High School, Milwaukee's historical school that specializes in the hands-on education of trade and technology. Despite not having any previous student teaching experience or any direct educational training, Jason was fearless and full of creative energy when he arrived. For two years Jason has been an effective and innovative educator teaching desktop publishing and web design.

Jason has several skills that make him the quality educator that he naturally is. He has deep content knowledge, delivers creative lessons that students appreciated, is amazingly helpful and friendly with the students, and is highly reflective in personally analyzing what works with our students and then quickly modifying the process in order to improve learning and classroom behavior. He is extremely tech-savvy and uses his abilities to improve the delivery of lessons in a very difficult environment. I have encouraged Jason to remain teaching at Bradley Tech, and honestly hope he finds his way back in our classroom.

His success can be attributed to building respectful relationships with students and developing curriculum suitable for the school's population without compromising on the demands and rigor that today's workplace requires. Jason understands how to patiently encourage students in learning new concepts and in developing classroom models of problem solving necessary in transitioning to higher education. Jason is not only experienced within an MP5 classroom, he truly understands how to lead a discussion, control student behavior and how to make students feel welcomed from the moment they walk in the class. His tireless preparation is constantly evident, making certain that his classroom and materials are always organized and ready to go.

I believe Jason's insight and team-building skills are critical for the next generation of educators and leaders who are working diligently to improve the skill-sets we want our students to have."

Scott Sommer
May 15, 2015
Industry Liaison-Trade/Tech Teacher
Bradley Tech High School